Vision & Mission

Mercargo Logistics Vision & Mission


  • To be a leading shipping and logistics company in the country and raise the bar in service standards in the shippIng Industry.


  • To provide impeccable service to our clientele and build long last, relationships on the foundation of trust and integrity.
  • To leave no stone unturned in achieving excellence and adhering to the highest ethical and professional principles.
  • To offer an excellent work environment to our personnel and provide opportunities for professional growth a. personal satisfaction.

Mercargo – A brief overview

  • As a service provider regularly utilised by companies that deal in international or multi-national import and export, Mercargo plays an integral pan in ensuring the smooth transit of material goods to and from any and all parts of the Globe Our role as an intermediary between the client a. various transportation services involve the intricate logistics management of a multitude of carriers. innumerable people of all nationalities, freight requirements and legalities offering innovative solutions to challenging problems, Mercargo has been involved in delivering complete logistics solutions to a vast clientele both in India and overseas, for over 2 decades now.
  • A fast-growing freight forwarder, Mercargo Logistics is comprised of a team of experienced professionals who are empowered by innovative thought processes and enabled by state of the art technology, offer personalized and efficient services to customers. Headquarter in New Delhi, Mercargo currently has offices in Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kochi.
  • Devoted to customer service and professionalism to ensure the safe and sure handling of shipments, our dedicated and highly skilled staff help build customer confidence.  Apart from coming aboard expertise and pioneering ideas, their commitment to our clients forms the cornerstone of our business.